• CNC Hydraulic Turret Punch Press

    Descriptions of CNC Hydraulic Turret Punch

    Auto-index stations rotation
    2 Auto-index stations are of featured worm and wheel construction which eliminates the clearance. Auto-index stations can be quickly rotated to any angle position while the sheet is positioned.The rotation can be made arbitrarily for a bigger working range which reduces the demanding of tool, the preparing time and processing time.

    Full floating clamps
    The initial using full floating clamps in China. The floating clamps makes the loading easy, optimizes its working condition and produces big clamping force. In addition, the clamp is of gutter type connection for easy movement

    The tooling
    The international universal tooling is of thick turret long guide series, with a high hardness, anti-abrasion ability and good guidance, a long tool life and no shim needed after regrinding. The work range can be expanded with auto indexing stations.

    Transmission system
    The machine uses the world-famous high precision ball screw and large traverse linear guide with reliability are equipped for driving and align.

    Nylon brushes and balls compound table
    Table with nylon brushes and balls allows stainless steel and special surface materials can be processed without damage. The movement of sheet is quiet and smooth.

    Automatic processing of CAD files into CNC program. Tool library management, automatic tooling, optimized the special tool, optimized punch path, process, automatic micro-joint, automatic repositioning.

    The frame is entirely welded with steel plates, it has high strength and good rigidity. And the advanced heat treatment technology completely eliminates stress which allows the machine to maintain the accuracy and to extend the working life of the tools and itself.