• CNC Double-Column Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine

    Descriptions of CNC Double-Column Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine:

    CNC band saw Machine series apply to cutting large batch same material, and the machine have the advantage of high cutting speed, high efficiency, work stable, energy saving and saving material .Can be expected a small beam clamping device.
    Adopts manual operate, full-automatic and matches emergency off device function. Hydraulic feed in and tight clamping work, Steeples adjustable. Automatic shutdowns protect the equipment.
    Man-machine interface replace the function of traditional control panel, digital setting, indicator lamp etc, display the equipment state, operation instruction and parameter setting. All the setting can finish on the man-machine interface, all the information are English, convenient to operate.
    PLC (programmable logic controller) set the cutting / sawing whole process automatically.
    Feeding length of material use grating ruler, tolerance less than 0.2 mm, can set 5 groups sawing parameter by once.
    Can add the rotating angle function as customers requests.