• PH21-Series

    Descriptions of PH21 series open-type power press machine:

    Main Structure Features:
    Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation.
    Six-side long rectangle guides of the slide with high moving precision and high accuracy,extending the service life of the die.
    Pneumatic dry combination fdction clutch-brake, Iow noise, long service life, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action.
    Hydraulic overload protection device achieving high sensitivity in effectively protectingagainst overload, to ensure convenient and reliable operation.
    Automatic grease lubrication system, to ensure smooth operation of the machine.
    PLC electrical control system allows various auto-equipment reprogrammed accord-lng to different requirements and perform various functions, to ensure high reliabilityand high adapability.
    Emergent stop, inching, single and continuous movement.
    Photo electric protector, transmission output axle, feeder, air cushion and other op-tional accessories are available for the power press subject to the useris denands.