• QC11K-Series CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine


    ¡ñWelded steel plate construction makes this metal machining tool have high strength and good durability
    ¡ñHighly reliable integrated hydraulic system
    ¡ñAdopt hand wheel to rapidly and accurately adjust the blade clearance
    ¡ñDurable rectangular blades with 4 cutting edges
    ¡ñImported servo motor and driver, high in performance
    ¡ñEuropean key electrics
    ¡ñCNC system to control back gauge working
    ¡ñBlades clearance, cutting angle and cutting length are automatically calculated and controlled by CNC
    ¡ñLight alignment device eases drawing line for cutting
    ¡ñThis forging machine is ideally suited for your metal machining requirements
    ¡ñStandard front support sheet frame
    ¡ñA set of standard blades
    ¡ñ DAC310, E20 and other systems are optional.