• WC67K-NC Hydraulic Press Brake

    Descriptions of WC67K-NC Hydraulic Press Brake

    The whole structure of the hydraulic press brake:
    1. Welded structure: The press brake adopts whole steel welded structure. And it has enough intensity and rigidity.
    2. Frame: Ram synchronization during the stroke is controlled by a mechanical torque synchro system, which is steady and reliable. And the stroke of the ram is adjusted in the inter cylinders. The ram stroke (Y axis) and the back gauge(X axis) adopts ball-bearing screw and rolling guide way, quick speed and high report positioning precision.

    Hydraulic system: 
    1 Hydraulic system is used for the machine. A feeding valve is used to speed up the ram travel to save energy. The operations of the machine are realized by the hydraulic valves.
    2 Gear pump is used to reduce the noise of the machine, which can achieve the environmental standard.

    NC system: 
    1. The position of the back gauge can be accurately adjusted by operating the touch screen.
    2. The stroke of the ram can be accurately adjusted by operating the touch screen.
    3. The CNC system can auto calculate the bending angle. Operators can edit machining programs in ??advance. And the system will process as the programs require.
    4. The CNC system can also realize alarming function, which can avoid overload and damage to the machines.

    Optional accessories: 
    1. Control system: China ESTUN E200, Delem DA-41, Cybelec DNC400 and Italy Maper HT072
    2. Hydraulic system& pump: BOSCH Rexroth and Italy Aron hydraulic system.

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