QC12K-Series NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

    • Hydraulic Shearing machine, Cutting machine, sheet metal guillotine
    • CNC Cutting machine, CNC Shearing machine, CNC guillotine machine
    • Shearing machine, Cutting machine, guillotine machine
    • sheet metal shearing machine, sheet metal guillotine
    • CNC Cutting machine, CNC Hydraulic Shearing machine, CNC guillotine machine

    QC12K-Series NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

    Standard Facilities: 

    1. ESTUN E21S NC control + Frequency inverter control back gauge and shearing times
    2. Front support arms with stopper and measure scale
    3. The main electric components are from Siemens or Schneider.
    4. Hydraulic seals are from NOK, Japan
    5. Hydraulic valves are from Germany Rexroth
    6. The hydraulic pump is from the SUNNY brand (USA venture in China )
    7. Ball screw & Line guide rail Taiwan HIWIN
    8. Steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity
    9. Hydraulic top-drive, steadiness, and reliability
    10. With adopts a quick manual adjust device, the cutting stroke can adjust to be the suitable shearing short sheet
    11. With motor-driven back gauge and counter device
    12. CE standard front light curtain and back-safety curtain

    Control System

    1. NC Controller: ESTUN E21S & E200S controller
    2. CNC Controller: Holland DELEM DAC310, DAC360T.

    After-Sale Services

    1. Free installation, trial start, and adjustment, training. Our technician is available at your factory and offers training on how to use our machines. As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines. 
    2. The warranty period is 2 years. During the warranty period, we shall reply to the call or Fax from the user for the machine faults (except for faults caused by not abiding by the relevant operation regulations, or by force injury) within 24 hours.
    3. We arrange the final test before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use the customer’s materials for testing. After making sure the machine is the best performance, then make shipments. 

    Main functions: 

    1. The machine frame is welded construction with steel plate, and stress is eliminated by vibration. With high strength, stable performance, easy operation, and convenient maintenance. 
    2. As the cutting beam of the machine has been designed in an inner-inclined structure, it is easy for plates to fall down and the accuracy of products can also be guaranteed. 
    3. With the help of a hydraulic drive, swing beam, the return of knife beam is smooth and prompted by an accumulator (Nitrogen cylinder but we can make hydraulic return). 
    4. Stepless adjusting is available for the stroke of the knife beam for different length plate shearing. 
    5. The position of the low blade is adjustable, thus ensuring the equilibrium of the gap between blades after regrinding. 
    6. It is easy and quick to adjust the gap between blades. The value of the gap is indicated on a dial. 
    7. Motorized adjusting and manual adjusting for the back gauge (take up the back-gauge system, cutting plate without back gauge). 

    Main Components

    1. Hydraulic system: Bosch Rexroth
    2. Electro parts: Siemens Germany/Schneider France
    3. Ball screw: Taiwan HIWIN
    4. Line guide rail: Taiwan HIWIN 
    5. Oil Sealing: Valqua Japan
    Machine Details

    Hydraulic Shearing machine, Cutting machine, guillotine machine
    • Variable-rake, Cutting gap adjustable, bottom blade four cutting edges can using and top 2 sides cutting edges useful.
    • Side Safety fence, safety protection for the operator.
    • Hydraulic hold down system.
    • The small cutting gap can reduce narrow strip twist, the big gap is suitable for different thickness sheet cutting.
    • Good cutting edge and straightness

    cutting machine; shearing machine
    • The cutting beam is with 3 point bearing guide
    • Two main/auxiliary hydraulic cylinder drive cut
    • Moving parts with lubrication port

    Shearing machine backgauge system
    • Double side Screw drive
    • High rigidity guide bar or liner guide
    • Single direction positioning
    • Front/rear limit switch
    • For over long plate, the back gauge can swing up

    CNC Cutting machine, CNC Shearing machine, CNC guillotine machine
    • E21S NC control system key switch and emergency stop, control back gauge 40 programs stored, 25 steps s per program
    • Back gauge retraction function
    • one page program, mm/inch, Chinese/English
    • Workpiece counting, One-key backup/restore
    • Easy operation for the skilled or new operator

    Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system
    • Rexroth hydraulic system, Compact, low-maintenance hydraulic block
    • Bite type pipe fittings wi reduce oil leaking
    • Hydraulic overload protection, Oil tank level/temperature indicator
    • High efficient low noise Internal gear pump

    Shearing machine, Cutting machine, guillotine machine
    • Front operator finger protection fence
    • Side throat protection
    • Machine with hydraulic hold-down system
    • Up/down blades gap is easy to calibrate


    Shearing machine sheet support system
    • Sinomec Sheet Support offers a reliable source of support for more accurate packaging and ease of material handling.
    • The cylinder drive is used to complete the loading and unloading of the sheet metal with the shearing action, which improves the working precision of the workpiece. It can reduce the sagging deformation of the plate during shearing and improve the shearing effect.

    Technical Parameters

    ModelMild steel (450MPa)Cutting length (mm)Shear angleTravel timeBack gauge range (mm)Main motor  (kW)Weight (kg)LXWXH  (mm)