Light Pole CNC Tandem Press Brake


    1. The frame is split steel welding, parts assembly structure;
    2. Rack, on skateboards and welding around wall panels shall be subject to full stress annealing treatment after the elimination of internal stress, and then processing the parts with a whole face, to ensure that the static accuracy of machine tools;
    3. Paint the pieces before welding subject to the surface of sand blasting, surface clean-up level for Sa2.5 (GB8923-88), after the paint coating machine delivery, installation and commissioning at the scene after the paint surface. Nippon Polyurethane topcoat paint used; the color specified by the demand side;
    4. Machine using the table plate thickening, and about the slider panel, so that the stiffness of an excellent machine, the machine synchronization and the use of skateboards positioning CNC electro-hydraulic servo position feedback system, which dynamically through Grating detected on both sides of the physical location of the slider, feedback to the CNC system, real-time precise control of the two main fuel tank trip (Y1, Y2-axis), so the slider can be promptly corrected the error on both sides of the synchronization and accurate positioning, so that the slider is completely contained in the case of migraine can be always maintained in parallel with the working platform and accurate positioning to ensure that the machining accuracy of machine tools;
    5. 3200 liters of hydraulic system uses a large volume tank, Germany imported original BOSCH Rexroth company dedicated Bending Machine drive electro-hydraulic servo valves, Japan NOK Waldorf card complete set of oil cylinder seals, high-quality Chinese-made motor. Compact hydraulic system, sealing performance, simultaneous high-precision, long service life, the eight-hour working system work properly. Hydraulic fluid tank with liquid thermometer. Smooth hydraulic cylinder action, non-impact, crawling phenomenon;
    6. Electrical control system is in line with international standards, safe and reliable, anti-interference ability, ELECTRICAL CONTROL CABINET equipped with Fan natural cooling device, the system with movable foot pedal operation, all electrical components use Schneider or SIEMENS products;
    7. Upper and lower mold material good, long working life.
    8. Dies Upper Dies Each for Standard Die Handle and Pressing Die, Detachable Length is 14000mm; Bottom Die One Set of Combination Die V Type Bottom Die Open Length is 14000mm.