Double-Column Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine

    • Band Sawing Machine, CNC sawing machine
    • Band Sawing machine, CNC sawing machine


    Double-column horizontal band-sawing machine series is a kind of large and middle-size machine in automatic and semiautomatic mode widely used for cutting ferrous and nonferrous metals. It has the advantages of narrow sawing cut, material saving, energy saving, ● High sawing precision, convenient operation, and high efficiency.

    1. Hydraulic control of sawing cutting feeding
    2. High-precision linear guiding with high sawing/cutting precision
    3. Portal structure with high rigidity
    4. Double oil cylinder control with stable feeding
    5. Mechanical feeding roller and receiving roller
    6. Hydraulic saw blade tensioning device, band saw overload protection device, and automatic brushing away device can be added to customers’ requirements.

    Technical Parameters:

    ModelCutting Range(mm)Saw Blade Speed (m/min)Saw Band Size (mm)Total  Power (kw)Working Way ClampingSaw Blade Tensioning FormDimension (mm)
    G4028 Square 280*400, Round Φ28025/36/47/58/8027*0.9*36203.825HydraulicManual1850*1000*1580
    G4230/50 Square 300*500, Round Φ30025/36/47/58/8034*1.1*38603.825HydraulicManual2000*990*1570
    G4230/60 Square300*600, RoundΦ30025/36/47/58/8034*1.1*40603.825HydraulicManual2150*990*1550
    G4235 Square 350*350, Round Φ35025/35/50/65/8334*1.1*42503.825HydraulicManual1080*990*1550
    G4240/50 Square 400*500, Round Φ40025/35/50/65/8334*1.1*46504.175HydraulicManual2110*1050*1550
    G4240/60 Square 400*600, Round Φ40026/35/53/71/8941*1.25*48704.175HydraulicManual2375*1040*1620