SLT Series Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine

    Tube Laser Cutting Machine, pipe cutting machine, laser cutting machine

    1. Automatic loading and unloading, realizing efficient batch fabrication. High rigidity mechanical structure, advanced
    chuck clamping system, intelligent assist support, guarantee high cutting quality and efficiency CNC control, deep
    combination of precise transmission parts and laser application technology, go beyond traditional tube processing
    methods. Full-protected new outlook, double dust exhausting design, professional tube cutting software.
    2. The CNC laser tube cutting machine has the good advantage of centralized operation, flexible processing, and have
    the quickly speed in loading and unloading.
    3. CNC laser tube cutting machine uses precision rack double drive mode, and with this, the CNC tuber laser cutter is
    easy in maintenance even almost maintenance-free.
    5. The CNC laser tube cutting machine adopts special pipe cutting computer software and has the core technology of
    efficient cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee to effectively save materials and improve the cutting efficiency.
    6. The laser tube cutting machine tool adopts the integral profile welding structure which has been demonstrated and
    verified by CAE analysis for many times. After annealing to eliminate the internal stress finishing, better solve the stress
    caused by welding and processing, thus this CNC laser tube cutting machine improves the rigidity and stability of the
    7. The laser tube cutting machine has better stability and longer service life. Professional highly compatible with cutting
    and programming nesting software in CNC laser tube cutting machine, with power control function, in punching, sharp
    corner processing and other aspects has a unique function and cutting effect. Equipping with automatic focusing function,
    the CNC laser tube cutting perforation time can be reduced by 80% compared with the ordinary cutting head, and the
    perfect cutting process database makes the operation more intelligent and convenient.

    Fiber Laser Source:

    1. USA IPG Fiber Laser Power.
    2. China Raycus Fiber Laser Power.
    3. USA nLIGHT Fiber Laser Power.
    • The Fiber Laser Power from 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 6000W, 8000W, 12000W, 15000W, 20000W.

    Technical Parameters:

    Tube processing rangemm6200×Φ20-Φ22010200×Φ20-Φ32012500×Φ30-Φ35012500×Φ30-Φ630
     X axis strokemm747074701205012050
    Y axis strokemm40037012501250
    A, B axes stroke Unlimited rotary
    Z axis strokemm400400420500
    X,Y axes positioning accuracymm/m±0.03±0.03±0.1±0.1
    X,Y axes repositioning accuracymm/m±0.05±0.05±0.05±0.05
    X,Y Max positioning speedmm/min10010060100
    A axis Max positioning speedrpm10010060100
    A,B axes positioning accuracy′′±30±30±30±30
    A,B Repositioning accuracy′′±10±10±10±10
    Tube maximum weightKg4004009002000
    Weight Kg690070001900075000
    Level of Protection IP54IP54IP54IP54