WE67K- Series CNC Bending machine (Press Brake)

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    • Press Brake Machine electrics box
    • CNC press brake 3+1 axes

    Features of CNC Press Brake:

    1. The electric and hydraulic servo system can control the synchronization of two cylinders. Combined with the optical curtain of international standards, the fully closed-loop control is formed with high synchronization control accuracy, and high bending and repetitive positioning accuracy.
    2. The CNC cylinder deflection auto compensation system helps to prevent the deformed sliding block from affecting the workpiece quality and ensures its good linearity and bending angle. The compensation is adjusted automatically by the CNC system, both convenient and accurate.
    3. The fully functional back gauge system can be extended up to six axes. The workpiece can be bent at whatever angle. After welding, the body is machined with the fixture installed only one time. It is processed by CNC pentahedron machining center, ensuring high rigidity and processing accuracy.
    4. The hydraulic system adopts the integrated one, which helps to reduce piping connection, eliminate oil leakage, improve the work stability, and beautify the machine appearance. The inner engaged gear pump manufactured by a famous German company is used to reduce the system noise and extend the service life.
    5. The die sections have different lengths, which can be combined with a certain width to meet the processing requirements of special workpieces.
    6. The upper die hydraulic automatic fastener or quick fastener and plug-in lower die can be equipped based on the customer requirement to reduce workload and improve productivity.
    7. The CNC systems are top brand Holland Delem, DA53T, DA58T, DA66T, DA69T, Italy ESA S630, S640; CYBELEC CybTouch 8P, CybTouch 12P. It also features the most advanced electronic board, intelligent modular structure, built-in PLC function, automatic programming, and bending simulation, all-around shock inspection, remote diagnosis, high-resolution color TFT display, and Chinese menu.
    8. The linear guide, ball, and lead screw are German Bosch Rexroth and BLIS products, ensuring the positioning accuracy of the machine.

    Main Import of Deployment List—-WE67K Series

    1. Control System: Netherland DELEM, Swiss CYBELEC or Italy ESA.
    2. Hydraulic System: Germany HOERBIGER or BOSCH Rexroth.
    3. Servo motor and drive: Japanese YASKAWA.
    4. Raster Ruler: Germany HEIDENHAIN or Italy GIVI.
    5. Ball Bearing Lead Screw: Taiwan HIWIN.
    6. Straight-line Guide: Taiwan HIWIN.
    7. Seal Ring: FLETZ. Japanese NOK or VALQUA.



    Hydraulic System:

    • The hydraulic system adopts an integrated control system imported from Germany Bosch Rexroth.
    • Compact, low-maintenance hydraulic block Bite type pipe fittings will reduce oil leaking, Hydraulic overload protection Oil tank level/temperature indicator

    Crowning System

    The servo Crowning system repeatable crowning that is precisely adjusted by a basic hand crank and digital readout or an electric motor driven by the CNC control system

    • Durable body hardened about 32 RCS.
    • Mounting available all kinds of press brake: OEM bolt-down design and installation American and European style press brakes.
    CNC BENDING MACHINE, CNC press brake

    press brake machine DSP laser protector,

    Laser safe Optical Safety Guards

    The LZS Series or DSP Series Safety laser protection provides superior optical protection while maintaining the highest level of productivity and performance for CNC press brake. (CE Certified Category 4 Safety Controller with integrated).

    Sinomec Quickly Clamp system

    • Safe and press the red button easy release the upper punch tool.
    • Widely useful with Europe type punches( can choose AMADA type fast clamp or KYOKKO type Fasr clamp)
    press brake Quickly Clamp


    The smart back gauge can supply a substantial positive influence on production part volume and high accuracy. For the more intricate bending products, You should choose more axes of the back gauge like 6+1 axes(Y1,Y2,X,R,Z1,Z2+W) or 8+1 axes(Y1,Y2,X1,X2,R,Z1,Z2+W) . Even the smart, experienced operator can bend some very intricate products with one axis of the back gauge. But it takes more time to bend the correct products with more costs. So the best way should be to have an experienced operator with a smart back gauge system that will magnify the operator’s skills. So the Sinomec smart back gauge system for the customers decreases the costs of each product by helping to make a good machine operator bending more products. So you should choose more axes of the back gauge for the less experienced operator.

    3+1 Axis bending machine Back Gauge
    Sinomec CNC Press Brake with (Y1,Y2,X+W) 3+1 Axis
    4+1 Axis bending machine Back Gauge
    Sinomec CNC Press Brake with (Y1,Y2,X,R+W) 4+1 Axis

    6+1 Axis bending machine Back Gauge
    Sinomec CNC Press Brake with (Y1,Y2,X,Z1,Z2,R+W) 6+1 Axis
    8+1 Axis bending machine Back Gauge
    Sinomec CNC Press Brake with (Y1,Y2,X1,X2,Z1,Z2,R1,R2+W) 8+1 Axis


    DELEM DA-53T CNC control system

    DELEM DA-53T

    • “Hot-key” touch navigation,
    • 10.1″ high resolution colour TFT,
    • Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux.axes),
    • Crowning control, Tool/material/product library,
    • Servo and frequency inverter control,
    • Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves,
    • TandemLink (option),
    • USB memory stick interfacing,
    • Profile-53TL offline software,

    DELEM DA58T 2D

    • 2D graphical touch screen programming,
    • 15″ high-resolution colour TFT,
    • Bend sequence calculation,
    • Crowning control,
    • Servo and frequency inverter control,
    • Advanced Y-axis control algorithms,
    • USB, peripheral interfacing,
    • Profile-58TL offline software,
    DELEM DA-58T CNC control system

    DELEM DA-66T CNC control system

    DELEM DA66T 3D

    • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode,
    • 3D visualisation in simulation and production,
    • 17″ high-resolution color TFT,
    • Full Windows application suite,
    • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity),
    • USB, peripheral interfacing,
    • Open system architecture,
    • Sensor bending & correction interface,
    • Profile-66TL offline software,

    DELEM DA69T 3D

    • 3D and 2D graphical touch screen programming mode,
    • 3D visualisation in simulation and production,
    • 17″ high-resolution colour TFT,
    • Full Windows application suite,
    • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity),
    • USB, peripheral interfacing,
    • Open system architecture,
    • Sensor bending & correction interface,
    • Profile-T3D offline software,
    DELEM DA-69T CNC control system

    ESA S630 CNC control system

    ESA S630 2D

    • Graphic colour 10” touch screen with powerful graphics.
    • Interactive 2d graphic editor for work-pieces and tools data entry 2D graphic display of machine frame, work-piece, and tools Manual  2D graphic identification of the best bending sequence(option)
    • Manage up to 4 axes.
    • With Offline PC Software

    ESA S640 2D

    • 15” touch screen panel; 2D graphic display
    • 3D Simulation.
    • Part Scratching with touchscreen.
    • Bending sequences and programs can be stored in memory.
    • Easy single bending page.
    • USB memory port for data transfer/backup.
    • Windows operating system
    • Windows networking with Ethernet connectivity
    • User Language option
    ESA S640 CNC control system

    Press brake CNC Control system, ESA S65

    ESA S650 2D

    • Resistive 15 ”TFT LCD HD Touch color screen.
    • For all applications up to 12 axes Clear and ergonomic HMI for intuitive use.
    • 32 + 32 I / O with integrated PLC.
    • 1 standard Ethernet port + 1 optional; 2 RS-232 serial ports; 2 USB 2.0 ports.
    • 4 analog inputs + 2 analog outputs; 1 CANopen port
    • Available in 25 languages

    CYBELEC CybTouch8PS 2D

    • 7” color graphic CRT screen, with LED backlight control;
    • Boot directly into the bending page, with only one-page programming and correction, simple and efficient;
    • Easy bending function, can be inserted into the single fold and return Angle direct programming;
    • It does not need to set the bending surface and the stop point, automatically calculates the material position;
    • Automatic calculation of bending point, pressure automatic adjustment, standard 4 axes or 6 axes control;
    • The most suitable for large electro-hydraulic servo bending machine CNC system;
    CYBELEC CybTouch8PS 2D CNC control system

    CybTouch-12,CNC press brake, sheet bending machine, hydraulic press brake, CNC bending machine

    CYBELEC CybTouch 12PS 2D

    • 10.2″color liquid crystal display, Windows XP operating system;
    • 2D graphics programming, workpiece and die graphics drawing, omni-directional collision detection function;
    • Bending force, table deformation compensation, speed transfer point, clamping point, expanding length, large circular arc bending, opening distance, backstop material return to automatic calculation;
    • 256M internal memory disk, data backup, and recovery, With two-dimensional offline programming software for offline programming computation simulation processing;


    CNC press brake SHEET FOLLOWERS


    • CNC sheet followers system designed for bending long and thin sheets, It’s consists of a pair of sheet supports placed on the front of the working table with the height of the bending line (same with the bottom die).
    • Sheet followers are controlled by the CNC control system, supporting and following the sheet during the bending process. Recommended for the heavy parts or large thin sheets.

    Wila Hydraulic Clamping System:

    • Extremely fast change press brake tools
    • Max control of vertical tolerances during the bending process
    • Extremely accurate clamping, positioning, and alignment
    • Individual clamping pins of each segment tool for superior clamping force
    • Fast speed and safety vertical and horizontal tools loading and unloading
    • Professional slide rule for ease of tool positioning, suitable for all sizes of press brake
    • Wila hydraulic clamping system can provide max productivity
    wila hydraulic clamping system

    Bending Angle Measurement, Press brake angle gauge

    Bending Angle Measurement System(LaserCheck):

    • Innovative sensors used for measuring bending angles
    • Very high accuracy, Works contactless, Easy to use
    • Parallel use of 2 or 4 sensors
    • Spring-back calculation with force detection with strain gauges or by detecting the end of angle variation
    • Connection to Cybelec control via serial interface and Connection to Delem with Ethernet interface and Modbus.
    • Delivered fully wired and calibrated

    Robotics for Press Brake:

    • Fully automated bending and without errors bending parts, enables jobs to be processed. Ideal for the processing of job lists. Convenient programming of bendings.
    • Save time and process bending high precision products with unmanned.
    • High load capacity offers max flexibility and precision during the bending process.
    • Comprehensive automation concept from a single source. sinomec provides the Robotics press brake with an automation system, customer service, and comprehensive guidance
    robotics for press bender, robot bending cell, robotic press brake

    Technical Parameters:

    ModelBending Force (KN)Bending Length (mm)Distance between frames (mm)Throat Depth (mm)Stroke (mm)Max Opening(mm)Main Motor (Kw)No. of Axis (4+1)Weight (Kg)Dimension (L*W*H) mm